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Book Bingo Two 2020 – Friendship, Family, and Love

Welcome to the February edition of book bingo with Theresa, Amanda and myself. In February, I shall be checking off the Family, Friendship and Love square with a book that encompasses all three of these themes. The book I have chosen is the fifth book in the Pippa’s Island series by Belinda Murrell.

Book bingo 2020.jpg

Pippa’s Island: Puppy Pandemonium, like all the Pippa’s Island books, revolves around Pippa Hamilton, her family and friends on Kira Island. In this book, Pippa is determined to earn some money – their house is nearly finished, but she longs for a new swimming costume. With her friends, CiCi, Meg and Charlie, she starts a dog care business, but soon finds her hands full of trouble – which is where her friends’ step in and help her find a way to care for all the dogs. The themes are highlighted in in the way Pippa gets help from her friends, helps her family and sacrifices what she wants because she loves her family and friends.

Pippas Island 5

It is also highlighted in the way Pippa is rewarded not only with money and what she desires, like her own space, but knowing her friends and family will always love her no matter what and will do anything for her. I love this series – I picked book one up on whim when I needed some light reading, and I devoured all five. I hope there are more to come yet at the same time, the ending we got in this book felt like it wrapped a lot up as well. So I’d be happy either way – more or not.

Onto the next month, and more reading!

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