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Pippa’s Island: Cub Reporters by Belinda Murrell

Pippas Island 2.jpgTitle: Pippa’s Island: Cub Reporters
Author: Belinda Murrell
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Published: 3rd July 2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Price: $14.99
Synopsis: Four best friends are about to discover that writing news isn’t as easy as it looks – especially when puppies, pop stars and photo shoots are involved!
Pippa is settling in to her island home – she’s even learning to surf. School is abuzz when Mrs Neill announces the launch of a new student newspaper. But how will Pippa, Meg, Charlie and Cici decide what to write about when the four friends have such different interests? A fashion photo shoot could be fun – if it weren’t for bad weather, a naughty puppy and other disasters.
Just when things couldn’t get any worse, the cub reporters get a news scoop that could bring the whole town together at the Beach Shack Cafe. Cupcakes for everyone!
Whose story will make the front page?

Pippa is slowly settling into her new life on Kira Island, at school, and with her new friends, Meg, CiCi and Charlie. When her primary school announces they will be starting a school paper, Pippa and her friends sign up – but when it comes to choosing a story to write for the paper, they can’t decide – each girl has a different idea, and ever the peacemakers, Pippa and Meg try to help the group come to a compromise.
The arrival of a local star causes waves, and when Olivia tries to use it to her advantage – things look as though they will backfire, and it is up to the Sassy Sisters to bring the newspaper together with the few students left from year six – and pull together a series of stories that will appeal to all their interests.

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The second Pippa’s Island book is just as fun as the first book – with the addition of a naughty puppy and takes place within weeks of the first book. This is a good pace, and keeps the links and feelings of the characters working well as the series progresses. I love all the characters – they are well-written and loads of fun. I am loving reading this series, and now have all five, with books four and five ready to read on my shelf when time allows. These are fabulous books that appeal to middle grade readers and older, celebrating family, friends and being yourself whilst showcasing a variety of interests and a spectacular Australian landscape.

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