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Book Bingo Twenty-Two – A fictional biography of a woman from history


Welcome to week twenty-two of Book Bingo with Theresa and Amanda. Coming to the end of October, and I have made it to one of my trickier squares – a fictional biography of a woman from history. With this one, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, yet I had earlier in the year, bought this book – Fled by Meg Keneally.


Fled is Meg Keneally’s first solo novel and takes inspiration from the story of Mary Bryant and her escape from the colony. In fictionalising this story, Keneally has given Mary and other female convicts a voice where they previously did not have one. Like Mary, Jenny escapes with her family to Timor, and manages to hide out for months. Keneally used many aspects of Mary’s life in this story, but also fictionalised many things to make Jenny’s story her own, and create a whole new story for readers that reveals something about Australian history that might not be as well-known as other events.


Rows Across:

Row Two:

A book by an author with the same initials as you:

Non-Fiction book about an event: The Suicide Bride by Tanya Bretherton – #AWW2019

Fictional biography about a woman from history: Fled by Meg Keneally – #AWW2019

Memoir about a non-famous person: Australia’s Sweetheart by Michael Adams

Book written by an Australian woman more than 10 years ago: Deltora Quest: The Lake of Tears by Emily Rodda – #AWW2019 (2001)

Rows Down:

Row three:

Novel that has 500 pages or more:

Fictional biography about a woman from history: Fled by Meg Keneally – #AWW2019

Themes of justice: What Lies Beneath Us by Kirsty Ferguson – AWW2019

Book set on the Australian coast: The House of Second Chances by Esther Campion – AWW2019

Written by an author under the age of 35: Archibald, The Naughtiest Elf in the World Causes Trouble with the Easter Bunny by Skye Davidson – #AWW2019

Historical: The Familiars by Stacey Halls

Tune in in two weeks for one of my last entries for the year!

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