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Pounce by Seth Casteell



Title: Pounce

Author: Seth Castell

Genre: Photography/Non-Fiction

Publisher: Sphere/Hachette Australia

Published: 25th October 2016

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 112

Price: $29.99

Synopsis: Photographer Seth Casteel’s underwater photographs of dogs and babies have captivated an international audience. Now, Seth has found the perfect way to capture our other best friends: cats!



A beautiful, funny gift book with more than 80 previously unpublished photographs, Pounce reveals adorable cats and kittens as they pounce and jump through the air, arms outstretched – all in Casteel’s signature up-close, mid-action style.




Pounce is 112 pages of kittens leaping, pouncing and playing across the pages, their tiny claws out, and eyes wide. It is one of those books that one can dip in and out of, or sit down in one sitting, and slowly page through the images. The images tell the story of each kitten or cat on their own, no words are needed, apart from the names beside each image. This delightful book was quick to look at, or read, and imagine the stories behind each kitten image, or given them their own stories – what are they doing, and why?


This book is ideal for cat lovers, and the delight in the eyes of each cat or kitten is evident as you go through the book. Seth Castell has managed to catch the playful innocence of the kittens, some caught mid meow, all caught mid leap or pounce, showing their playful side and the love that they have for the world around them, and their natural curiosity that has them crouching down amongst grass, eager to pounce.



A delightful little volume that is enthralling and fun to look at, it will make you fall in love with cats all over again.

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