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A Literary Winter Solstice

For Winter Solstice this year, I travelled down to Sydney, with three books in tow, to catch up with Kate Forsyth and get The Puzzle Ring, The Gypsy Crown and Dancing on Knives signed at Dymocks in George Street. It was a buzz, heading down on the train, the books stashed in my bag safely, and part of the way through Dancing on Knives. I finished it a couple of days later. I don’t know what it is about Kate’s books but they seem to go on forever, in the best way possible, but I finish them too soon and never want them to end. I can always return to their world though.


Stepping into that large, welcoming Dymocks store was like entering my home. There is a safety and love that extends towards each and every booklover, and a hope that the book they are searching for will greet them from the shelves. As I was early, I browsed the shelves, and picked up two new Diana Gabaldon books, The Scottish Prisoner and A Trail of Fire, and a new owl bookmark to add to my collection while I waited in anticipation for Kate Forsyth to arrive.

She saw me as she walked through the door and greeted me warmly. It was so nice to know that she remembered me from the writing course, so nice to see her again in the natural environment for authors and readers, where minds of the two meet and communicate freely about books, literature and writing. It is world where words become friends and where everyone who is there wants to be there.

When Kate was able to take her seat, she was very happy to sign three books for me, saying it wasn’t the biggest haul someone had brought to a signing, and we chatted about the books and writing, her current competition and the kinds of entries people had been putting up, and what people had been making out of her quotes. We spoke about the cushion I had created, something she had loved and I loved making it. In each book, she inscribed the date, and “Winter Solstice”, something I will always treasure in these books.


I wait in anticipation for the release of her next book and for any future signings or opportunities to catch up with her. Knowing an author like Kate Forsyth who is not only a great wordsmith but such a lovely and down to earth person is a privilege.

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