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QBD Reading Challenge

Another challenge I am doing this year is the QBD Reading Challenge. Like the Dymocks Reading Challenge, it is broad enough that I should be able to fulfill most of the categories easily and hope to fill in as many as possible early on, so I can focus on the ones that might not be as easy to do later in the year. Some may require some research or re-reading, but all my reading is going to need that this year to some extent. So below are the categories, you can download a PDF list from the QBD website. Ideally, I will be able to fill most of these with review books,  books I buy and books I read for work, or books that I already have. And hopefully, as many of them as possible will be Australian books.

  1. A QBD Books ‘Book of the Month’:
  2. A QBD Books Channel 7 Book Club Book:
  3. A Book Made Popular on TikTok:
  4. A Book That You’ve Always Wanted to Read:
  5. A Book with A Blue Cover:
  6. A Celebrity Memoir:
  7. A Book Set in Australia:
  8. A Detective Fiction Book:
  9. A Book by an Author with Your Same Initials:
  10. An Inspirational Book:
  11. A Book with an Animal on a Cover:
  12. An Illustrated Book:
  13. A Book that includes a Map:
  14. A Book that made You Cry:
  15. A Book Based on a True Story:
  16. A Book by your All-Time Favourite Author:
  17. A Book Based on a Fairy Tale:
  18. A Book Set in an Alternate Universe:
  19. A Book with a Three Word Title:
  20. A Book that Celebrates Diversity:
  21. A Book that made you Laugh:
  22. A Book Recommended to You:
  23. A Book by an International Author:
  24. A Hardcover Book:

Some categories will be easier to fill than others, and I have already filled a few in my other document – this is simply the list as is without books I have read. Best of luck to anyone doing this challenge.

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