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Dymocks Reading Challenge 2022

My second challenge for 2022 is the Dymocks Reading Challenge. It’s another one that has categories that are fairly open, and easy to find books for. The reason I like these sorts of challenges is because I can adjust what I read to fit the categories, rather than having to find a specific book for every category. I find the open categories easier to work with as a reviewer and quiz writer, because it is likely I will be able to tick off most of the categories with books that I read for those jobs. Some might be more challenging or take more time to fulfil, and that largely depends on what crosses my path during my reading. But I will do my best to complete all 26 categories, and may already have a few ideas for some of them.

Dymocks 2022 Reading Challenge

  1. Bought it for the cover
  2. Trending on #BookTok
  3. Illustrated Cover
  4. A friend’s favourite
  5. Otherworldly
  6. Inspiring change
  7. Love story
  8. Start of a series
  9. A classic
  10. Australian author #ReadAustralian
  11. A book you keep seeing
  12. Number in the title
  13. Re-read a favourite
  14. From where you’d rather be
  15. An adventure
  16. Feel good
  17. Released this year
  18. Award winner
  19. First Nations Author
  20. Dymocks Book of the Month

Extra Challenging

  • 450+ pages
  • A book older than you
  • Bottom of your TBR pile
  • Finished in a day
  • Read entirely outside
  • Out of your comfort zone

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