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Brainwaves by Ziggy Alberts

Title: Brainwaves

A man floating in water below a fingerprint in the blue sky. It is called brainwaves by Ziggy Alberts.

Author: Ziggy Alberts

Genre: poetry

Publisher: Commonfolk Publishing

Published: 3rd February 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96

Price: $24.95

Synopsis: A debut collection of poetry from platinum ARIA accredited artist Ziggy Alberts, ‘brainwaves‘, explores life’s experiences and emotions, inwards and out. Deeply personal, frank, insightful yet relatable, Alberts uncovers his introspective thoughts and lessons learned in conscious and intentional living. Differentiating from his lyrical work, readers can discover some of Alberts’ most personal realisations from life at home and on the road.  

Divided into 4 chapters, each poem entices the next train of thought. Alberts masterfully draws observations of the natural environment to paint his experience of introspective moments. He contemplates modern-day dilemmas, timeless topics of purpose, trust, stillness, and love.


is a polite request
an invitation into
a vulnerable relationship
between the writer
and the reader
it is an ode
to word of mouth
to paper pages
to hard copies
handed to strangers
shared with lovers
kept with family
to taking chances on books
without knowing
the entirety of its contents first
to do and practice just that
of which we do so little of today
with books and relationships alike.
was not made for the internet
it was made for you


As a reviewer, I read some interesting and diverse stories and books, and whilst I have reviewed verse novels before, I’ve never really reviewed a book of poetry, and as such, I found starting this review quite tricky. Most writing is subjective and passionate, but a novel – whether prose or verse novel – is for me, a lot easier to review. There is a storyline to follow. Yet with poetry, there’s a sense of subjectivity within the words – a sense that we are getting a privileged glimpse into the life of the writer, and the inner workings of the poet. Poems can be more personal than other stories – novels, whilst based on research or experiences, are largely made up and have a sense of distance at times – we don’t necessarily see the author reflected as they tackle various topics, issues and characters who may be completely different to what the author believes or thinks.

So, when I agreed to review Brainwaves, I knew it would take me some time to work out what to say – writing my way into the review, so to speak, even though much like other reviews, I am exploring how the poems made me feel, and what I liked about them as I do with fiction. What makes it more complicated is that with poetry, one can feel like that are also passing judgement on the emotions the poet has put into their poetry.

Ziggy Alberts’ poems are a reflection on the experiences we have in life, in our inner and outer worlds – and what it means to be at home, on the road and have a life taken over by technology, the busy whir of everyday life and the quiet moments that we find in between the moments of work, and the overall buzz of life that takes over so much of our time – and the way technology has encroached on our lives (despite the important role that it plays with work and connection – especially in COVID times), and the loss of those quiet moments that seem to be few and far between these days as we navigate a world behind screen after screen.

These personal reflections have a sense of timelessness about them, coupled with a connection with nature and the conflict of nature and technology that we all face these days, so it can speak to all of us on various levels, and allow us to see some of what we are going through during the current pandemic and the rolling lockdowns and restrictions across the world and Australia. These poems speak to a sense of needing to slow down and take stock of everything – looking at the world from a different perspective that we need now.

These poems can make you feel at peace and want to take a moment to sit back, turn off all the technology and think about things, which is what I think Ziggy is aiming for with this collection. It is evocative and filled with emotion that is sure to capture people, and make them slow down and think about what they are going through and what they are doing – and how they can change things  in their lives.

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