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Nelson: Eggplants and Dinosaurs by Andrew Levins

Title: Nelson: Eggplants and Dinosaurs

A purple book with a boy puking green vomit. He is white with orange hair and a blue jumper. The Book is called Nelson: Eggplants and Dinosaurs by Andrew Levins.

Author: Andrew Levins

Genre: Humour

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 31st August 2021

Format: Paperback



Synopsis: The third book in the totally outrageous adventures of Nelson Hunter – the boy who hates vegetables. Featuring a serious spy mystery and an epic dinosaur disaster!

Nelson is a hilarious illustrated junior fiction series from DJ, food writer, TEDx speaker, charity founder and all-round funny guy, Andrew Levins.

After Nelson discovers his nemesis – vegetables – are actually the key to his superpowers, he’s called on to track down some of the worst thieves in town. But trialling the effects of eating an eggplant has disastrous consequences… Will Nelson be able to control his inner beast and use it to get out of danger?


Nelson still hates vegetables! Even when they give him superpowers, he can’t wait to vomit them up, and return to normal, where he can eat burgers, chocolate, and lollies instead. While he is rescuing a cat up a tree, he is summoned to save the school library. Someone wants to rid the world of all knowledge and evidence of dinosaurs. To complicate things, his teacher, Mr Shue is off on holiday, and they have a replacement teacher, Mrs Sock, who hates dinosaurs.

During a meal at his Olive’s house, Nelson eats eggplant – and finds a new superpower, and we find out why he doesn’t want to eat vegetables around other people, other than that he hates them. He can’t risk anyone finding out about what happens when he does eat vegetables. So what can Nelson do as a dinosaur that he can’t do as a boy? Well fellow spies, you will just have to read and find out!

Imagine if the food you hated gave you superpowers. Would you eat it? Would the superpowers make you more willing to eat the hated food more often, or would you resist and get on with your life and what you liked to eat? It would seem Nelson doesn’t have a choice – all he wants is a normal life but he’s a spy in training and must help his grandmother and her fellow spies save the world from so many criminals.

The third in the Nelson series is a perfect fun read for early readers, junior fiction readers or reluctant readers – or anyone who just wants a fun read about how vegetables might be magical (even if kids don’t believe it, parents can at least try). It is one of those fun two-tone books that can enhance literacy and visual literacy for readers, and encourage them to use their imaginations in new and inventive ways. This is a fun series that I am sure will continue to capture the imaginations of readers.

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