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Coco and the Butterfly by Laura Bunting and Nicky Johnston

Title: Coco and the Butterfly

Author: Laura Bunting and Nicky Johnston

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: March 2021

Format: Hardback

Pages: 48

Price: $19.99


  • Book #2 in delightful new series by Laura Bunting, in stunning large format hardback, embossed
  • Irresistible and adorable illustrations by Nicky Johnson
  • Destined to be every little girl’s new favourite character
  • Perfect for fans of Ruby Red Shoes, Claris in Paris
  • Themes: change, adapting, nature

Coco and her family have moved to a new home in the country. Coco is missing the big busy city. Tabby Valley has no buzz at all – if you don’t count the bugs (Number 1 on her Least Favourite Things List). But Coco is about to find out that change can be full of beautiful surprises.


Coco and the Butterfly is the second in a charming new series by Laura Bunting. In the second book, Coco and her family have moved from the big city to a new home in Tabby Valley – and Coco is not happy! She hates nature, bugs, caterpillars, spiders and worms – and she hates living in the country. She doesn’t want to unpack. But when she runs outside to get away from it all (she would never admit to loving having so much space), she meets a caterpillar who is as scared of change as she is.

Coco’s story is one that we all go through at some stage – some kind of change or adaptation throughout our lives. We all move, change schools, make new friends, and lose and gain family members through death, birth and marriage. For children, starting school, a move or changing school will be the biggest change they go through when they are young. Books like this can help children prepare for change or cope with change in their lives and in their world. It recognises that change is hard for kids, and sometimes, they need something familiar, or time – or a combination – to adapt and reassure themselves that everything will be okay.

This is a touching story filled with heart that is reassuring, gentle and creative. Its focus on Coco’s journey to coping with change and finding new ways to enjoy her new life illustrates the possibilities for acceptance and coping with the unforeseen changes in life. The story is gentle and whimsical, and filled with a kind of joy that shows moving and finding a new home can be a positive and fun experience.

Coupled with beautiful illustrations by Nicky Johnston that evoke a sense of place, nature, family and character, this story is a gorgeous addition to any library, for all readers. As a cat lover, I could imagine these cats coming to life, a d bursting with delightful energy from the page and creating a warm, loving and accepting family environment that child readers will feel safe in, and older, independent readers will be able to lose themselves in and relate to feelings of being younger and the changes they went through as a child.

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