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Book Bingo Ten 2020 – Set During A Time of War

Book bingo 2020

And just like that, it is October, and Theresa, Amanda and I each have two posts left after this one. Sometimes, we choose the same square, and sometimes we choose the same book or books by the same author, even in our regular reviewing. We seem to have very similar tastes, which makes discussing the books interesting if we each get something different out of it. I read the book that fits this category back in March and absolutely adored it. When you have authors like Natasha Lester, Kate Forsyth, Jackie French and Pamela Hart, who take history and give people whose voices are not often heard in the history books a voice, another aspect of history, of war, comes to life.

the paris secret

This is what Natasha has done – combining history of women as spies and pilots in World War Two, with fashion and a family mystery to tell a deeply compelling story. In The Paris Secret, told in alternating third person perspectives between several characters and between World War Two and 2012, Natasha pulls back the veil of history and lets her characters take hold of the story and come to life through the pages. Skye’s story is interwoven with the stories Kat, Margaux and Nicholas, across time and space, across war and peace. I loved the details Natasha put in, making you feel like you’re really there, and as always, there is a fascinating mystery of identity to solve, and one that I loved uncovering, and hope everyone else who has read it has too.


This is one I gobbled up within days of getting it – something about the way Natasha mixes all her themes and characters is magical and she pulls together a story about hope, love and women fighting to do what they want and know they can do in a time of war, and a time when they were underestimated.

20 thoughts on “Book Bingo Ten 2020 – Set During A Time of War”

  1. I started this ages ago, but it was back when I was struggling to read anything. I must get back to it as it was a NetGalley one, iim so far behind. I love Natasha Lester’s novels.

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            1. Ah yes. I’ve done all. I’m going to have so many scheduled for early November it looks like. But the relief of having them done, and just having to shoot off emails, do as much sharing as possible makes it so much easier.

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