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I Stole My Genius Sister’s Brain by Jo Simmons

Title: I Stole My Genius Sister’s Brain

Author: Jo Simmons

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: 1st September 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 256

Price: $12.99

Synopsis: Perfect for fans of Pamela Butchart and David Solomons, this is a new hilarious adventure from the creative team behind the bestselling I Swapped My Brother On The Internet.

Keith has entered the Junior Mega Brain quiz and he’s determined to win. The problem is – he’s not really a genius. Even worse, his sister Minerva actually is, and Keith will have to go head to head against her.

Keith needs to get super smart and fast! Could he just steal Min’s brain? Or will some awesome inventions, sneezing rabbits and fearsome flapjacks be the genius way to victory?


Keith Keithstofferson is an inventor – and he wants to go to the Inventor’s Fair in Paris, but his parents say no. They’re always taking his genius sister Min to competitions and quizzes, and she always comes home with prizes. When Keith discovers she also wins money when she wins, he knows he must do something. He wants to be a genius! To win the money from the Junior Mega Brain quiz, so he can go to Paris to the Inventor’s Fair. But HOW?

Join Keith on a hilarious journey to steal his sister’s genius brain and realising that he may have his own kind of genius.

This funny, light-hearted exploration into the world of child genius events, and sibling rivalry is perfect for middle grade readers, especially those who have siblings! This is filled with laughs from page one, right to the end, where everyone learns lessons about being a genius, and being part of a family. It’s nice for reluctant readers, and when you need a break from everything else as a light, fun read, though it does have some key messages at its heart, it delivers them in an entertaining and accessible way. The small world of the characters is perfectly encapsulated and described and shows how family dynamics can work and might need to change if one child is given more focus and attention than the other.

Keith and Min are fun characters, who both develop and learn about each other and their strengths over the novel, and show that what people expect from you is not always what you should do, and that maybe there are many ways to get what you’d like to get out of life. It is one of those novels that will speak to all readers, whatever their age, especially if you have siblings. Readers will recognise family and sibling dynamics in this book that they will find in their own lives and it is a good one to share as a family, as family is at the heart of the story and the role that family plays in our lives. It reminds us to never take family for granted, all whilst having fun with inventions and pranks.

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