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Wolves of the Witchwood (Impossible Quest #2) by Kate Forsyth

wolves of the witchwoodTitle: Wolves of the Witchwood (Impossible Quest #2)

Author: Kate Forsyth

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st November 2014

Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: I know every hidden path through these woods.
Trust me. There is no griffin in this forest.

Hunted by Lord Mortlake, Tom, Quinn, Elanor and Sabastian flee for cover. The unicorn leads them into the darkness of the Witchwood, where they meet Wilda the witch. Can she be trusted?

Danger surrounds, but there’s no time to lose. The four unlikely heroes must find the griffin, dragon and sea serpent before it’s too late.

Best-selling, award-winning storyteller Kate Forsyth weaves battles, beasts and bravery in this epic new five-book series.


Picking up soon after Quinn, Elanor, Sebastian and Tom journey into the Witchwood, in search of the griffin’s feather they need to save those trapped in Wolfhaven Castle, Elanor’s home. To do so, they must encounter a witch, who waylays them on their way to find the griffin and reunite with Tom’s father – having another part of the prophecy come into being. As they venture through the land, they encounter many challenges and the obstacles along the way.

As the children go further on the quest, they face challenges that they must work out on their own, using the cryptic clues that Arwen, whom Quinn is doing her witch training with. Working together, as many fairy tale heroes do, they manage to solve as many problems as possible, yet there are some that people they meet along the way will have to help them with, and do what they can to ensure the children get home to Wolfhaven to save their families from Lord Mortlake.

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In these short books, there are fairy tale themes of towers and quests – two things that are common across all Kate’s novels for both adults and children, and her love of fairy tales is clear throughout. This magical series is perfect for all ages and lovers of adventure, magic and fairy tales.

What I love about this series and Kate’s work overall is the feeling of tumbling through a rabbit hole into a world of danger and delight in equal parts. I’ve been a fan since I was about sixteen, with The Starthorn Tree, and have loved her adult and children’s fiction ever since, waiting for each new book eagerly. As I have all five in this series, I am hoping to read them all this month – in a challenge I am taking part in with Kate via Twitter  to read as many books by Australian Women as possible, which will add quite a few to my usual year long Australian Women Writers Challenge, which currently sits at eighty-four, roughly fifty percent of my total reads for the entire year.

Moving on with the series, my next read, in amongst everything else I have, is book three: The Beast of Blackmoor Bog. I am loving these books and recommend them to all ages and all lovers of fantasy and Kate Forsyth’s books.

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