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Harry Potter: Spells and Charms – A Movie Scrapbook

spells and charms.jpgTitle: Harry Potter: Spells and Charms – A Movie Scrapbook

Author: Judy Revenson

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: 17th September 2019

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 48

Price: $29.99

Synopsis:This thrilling interactive scrapbook takes readers on a tour of iconic spells and charms, from Expelliarmus to the Patronus Charm, and even the three Unforgivable Curses. Covering everything from protective enchantments and useful jinxes to dangerous spells, it transports us into the magical world of Harry and his friends. With detailed profiles of each spell, hex, charm or curse, and information about key enchantments seen in the films, this is the ultimate guide to the magic practised at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and far beyond.

Cast with the correct wand movement and incantation, the amazing spells seen throughout the Harry Potter films are conjured up in a way that is sure to delight wizards and Muggles alike. Gorgeously illustrated with dazzling concept art, behind-the-scenes photographs and fascinating reflections from actors and film-makers, the scrapbook gives readers a spellbinding insight into bringing charms and spells to the big screen.


The movie scrapbooks for the Harry Potter movies give insight into how the various aspects of each of the eight films was executed and created for the final result we see on the screen. The latest one focuses on the spells and charms used in the books and the movies, and how these were translated to the visual medium, and the techniques used to create the movements and visual effects, as well as the reactions of the characters in the movies.

Going through each key spell in each of the eight movies, the book describes what it does, tells us who commonly used the spell, or who we saw use the spell, and shows the hand and wand movements to go with the various incantations discussed in the latest movie scrapbook.

These scrapbooks add to the magic of the book and movies series, and show just how long things took, and include snippets from interviews with the cast about certain scenes involving some spells, and how they reacted and what this added to the movie. It allows fans of the books and movies to learn more about the world they love, and the world these characters inhabit from the perspective of those involved in the movie.

Another great scrapbook for the movies.

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