How my hobbies came into my writing…my thoughts.


Originally I intended for this blog to be about reading, books and writing. Primarily it still is, but I have since developed other hobbies, and these are cross-stitch, beading and sewing. I am working my way up to using a sewing machine and making a quilt, and have been practising my hand sewing and cross stitch, which my friends and family say is getting quite good.


As a result, I am making Christmas gifts and decorations. Starting early, but it has to get done if they are to be ready for December. I am getting quite excited and have a whole plethora of threads and supplies and fabric and everything I need to play with.


These aren’t just hobbies for me though. I can hear you all saying that you knew this would somehow relate to writing, and it does, because a main character in a novel enjoys these hobbies and I am hoping the books, yes I have about four books on sewing, stitches and quilting to explore (although they are modern ones) that could come in handy for later novels.


When I began my crafts, I was unaware that they would find their way into the lives of my fictional characters and just how much time they would eat up that would usually be dedicated to reading and writing.


Of course reading and writing are amongst my hobbies and always have been. But what I have found is how integrated hobbies can become, each one influencing the other such as making bookmarks from my cross stitch as well as using the task in my novels.


The unintentional yet lovely infiltration of this hobby into my life and writing is inspiring. I love making bookmarks, and want to make a bookworm one at some stage.  And I love picking out patterns to suit someone or colours and creating something for them. This is something very different to writing for me, because I do not mass-produce an item. I try to use a different pattern for each person unless they have requested something I have done before. My writing will be published many times, hopefully, for many people to read and the story will remain the same.


I’ve not much more to say at the moment on this except that various hobbies will likely become linked at some stage, and I am delighted that these ones have, because I am able to write about them with ease. 

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