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Jack’s Jumper by Sara Acton

Title: Jack’s Jumper

A pale yellow cover with a brown-haired boy in a big blue jumper under the title Jack's Jumper by Sara Acton.

Author: Sara Acton

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Walker Books

Published: 6th July 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Price: $25.99

Synopsis: A sweet story about the bond between brothers and the sentimental value of sharing with your siblings.

Jack’s jumper is special because it can be many things – a den, a hat, a hug – but most of all it is special because it belonged to Jack’s big brother, Paul. Jack wears the jumper every day, but when forced to take it off to have a bath, the cat sees a comfy new bed…

Jack’s jumper is no ordinary jumper. It is a warm woolly hug, a reminder of those you hold dear and a source of adventure…

It is no wonder that someone else likes Jack’s jumper too.


Jack loves his jumper – it used to be his big brother’s jumper, so it is huge, and he never washes it. He doesn’t want it to lose its magic because it is more than a jumper. It is a hug, and it can cushion his falls, and it’s a comfy reading den. It has the memories of his older brother, who no longer lives at home as well. He loves using it for hide and seek, magic tricks, and all sorts of other games. But when Jack has a bath, the cat decides to play with the jumper! What will Jack do about his special jumper, and can anyone help fix the magic of it?

Jack’s Jumper is a beautiful book, written and illustrated by Central Coast local Sara Acton, which looks at the power and magic of important items of clothing and sibling connections. I loved that it celebrated what makes something like a jumper, or toy, or book special to one person – and where that item has come from whilst looking at the little world of a small person like Jack, where his jumper is one of the most important things. It’s his connection to his brother, and when it is taken by the family cat, Jack is devastated – but can a special visit from someone Jack loves bring his jumper back to life- and when it does, it will result in a joyful coming together of two brothers, and their special bond.

This book is beautifully gentle and evocative story captures the joyful brotherly connection, even when there is a rather large age gap. The cheekiness of cats, and the creativity of people to come up with solutions that will make something new and just as magical, that will reinforce the brotherly connection that Jack and Patrick have. I loved this, because it is a reminder that siblings will always be there for each other, and in a way, they reminded me of my cousins, even though the two boys are closer in age than Patrick and Jack.

This delightful book captured my imagination and is one of those comforting reads that reassures us that there is often a solution when things don’t go our way, or when they break. It’s a touching story that can help settle anxiety in people of all ages – it made me feel calmer about things whilst reading it. It is also a great book to help build reading confidence in early readers, or to read as a family. It makes it perfect for all ages, and has the feeling of a future classic. The words and illustrations work perfectly together, and come to life, dancing off the page. I loved this one!

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