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The Sun Sword Trilogy: The Snowy Tower by Belinda Murrell

Title: The Sun Sword Trilogy: The Snowy Tower

A green filter over a mountain range. a circle in the middle with a gold strip that has a lion on one end is in the middle. it has gold and white text that reads The Sun Sword Trilogy with a sword above the words. The subtitle, The Snowy Tower, is at the bottom in white. Belinda Murrell is at the top in green.

Author: Belinda Murrell

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 28th April 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 336

Price: $15.99

Synopsis: The adventure is far from over as Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana ride for the snowy mountains to rescue a prince – and save the kingdom.

The adventure is far from over as Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana ride for the snowy mountains to rescue a prince – and save the kingdom.

Even with the Sun Gem and the Moon Pearl safely sewn into the hem of Roana’s cloak, the quest is far from over. Lord Lazlac is planning to marry Queen Ashana to secure his rule of Tiregian, and the queen cannot escape or rebel against him – not when her young son, Caspar, is being held captive by Sedah priests in the snow-covered mountains to the north.

It is up to Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana to travel deep into the mountains to find Roana’s brother before it is too late.

But have they forgotten about the uncanny tracking abilities of the persistent Sniffer, who would stop at nothing to find his prey?


Ethan, Lily, Saxon, and Roana still have a way to go – they have to find the Sun Sword, and rescue Prince Caspar from the clutches of the Sedah in the Tower of Sun and Moon. Yet the treacherous journey to the north is not without its risks, and local villagers who are part of the rebel movement help the children to make the journey, as do tribes from the north, where they meet a boy named Wilf, who aids them on their journey to save Roana’s brother. Yet the dogged Sniffer continues to pursue them, and Lord Lazlac has decided to force Queen Ashana to marry him – but can Lily, Saxon, Ethan, and Roana find Prince Caspar, fix the Sun Sword, and stop the wedding?

The final exciting and thrilling book in the Sun Sword trilogy brings everything together and sends the reader through the north and snow with the children charged with saving Tiregian – and everyone back home engaging in whatever acts of rebellion they can do under the noses of the Sedah and Lord Lazlac, doing what they can to delay the inevitable. Yet as all their hope rests on the shoulders of the young children who have barely had a moment’s rest since their quest began many weeks ago, some wonder if they will ever topple Lord Lazlac, and the children wonder where they will find the Sun Sword, the final piece of the puzzle.

The adventure is non-stop, even as the children join in spring festivities with different tribes and learn new skills to help them journey through the snow, the threat is always there. Yet I knew that something good had to come out of this one, as it was the end, so even when things seemed to go pear-shaped, there was always a reassurance that eventually, things would get better. And I loved the way Lily, Roana, Ethan, and Saxon have been working together throughout the series, and the ways in which they have all changed since they met at the start of the book. It has been such a fun adventure to go on because the children have had so many grand experiences, close calls, and discovered the treasure they seek – and I found myself holding my breath when things got tense, just hoping they would make it through.

The threat is always hanging over them, yet I loved that the children had so many allies and that they managed to evade Sniffer most of the time quite cleverly – it highlighted that the adults like Sniffer had underestimated the children and those who were rebelling against the Sedah. A message, I think, that proves that underestimating something like that can never end well.

I also loved that we got to see what was going on back in Tiregian and kept hoping that something would go wrong before the wedding – to stop it from ever happening. Yet the way everything played out suited the novel, the characters, and the tone of the story. It made the adventure lively and exciting. I loved this series as much as I love Belinda’s time slip novels. It’s always such fun going back to older books that I might have missed the first time around, or from my childhood. Each book we read is unique and comes to us when we need it, and this one can be rad at any time. It is a series suited to readers eight and over, and I hope that readers continue to get enjoyment out of it.

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