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Blog Tour: Joy’s Journey by Jacinta Farragher and Manka Kasha

Title: Joy’s Journey

A young girl in rainbow clothes and a pointy hat with a backpack stands on a green hill. She is in front of a mountain, clouds, and blue sky, and is looking at a butterfly.

Author: Jacinta Farragher and Manka Kasha

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Little Steps Publishing

Published: 1st March 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: When she hears about a magical paradise where wishes come true, Joy sets off to find it. She travels over land and sea, to see what she can see. She becomes a bold adventurer, to be what she can be …

Join Joy as she travels through four seasons, meets friends, and ultimately discovers that the joy is in the journey, and the most precious thing you can find is yourself !


When Joy sets out for a day of fun, she has no idea what awaits her. She’s off to find a magical world across the sea where all her wishes come true – what a delight! So off Joy heads, through all four seasons, across land and sea to find this land – but maybe along the way Joy will find something more precious – herself!

Another lovely picture book for readers of all ages that reminds us about the important things in life. Here, we head on a physical journey with Joy, yet at the same time, go on a journey of a different kind – a journey where Joy finds out who she is. I enjoyed the rhyming, fun, and creative narrative that built an image in my mind, whilst also being accompanied by magical, brightly coloured illustrations that pop off the page and let the world and Joy come to life for readers who are listening to the words, whilst following the story through the images. These images are filled with fun and whimsy with everyone Joy meets and the journey she goes on throughout the story.

The surface of the story is a physical journey that Joy goes on as each season comes to life, and as Joy makes new friends – all under the guidance of a mysterious teacher who has a lesson for Joy to learn through her long, epic journey, with a Pelican named Pink and finding her own bravery that pushes her along every stage of the journey. I loved reading this story, and think it will appeal to all ages, because there is something that we can all learn from it. Like all picture books, it has layers, and each layer will appeal to a different readership, and on a different level, but in the end, we all reach the same revelation – whether we work it out, or whether we read it in the end of the book. A journey is as much about ourselves as our destination, and I think this will be a much-loved book.

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