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Eyes that Speak to the Stars by Joanna Ho

Title: Eyes that Speak to the Stars

A boy holding a lantern that is glowing. Eyes that Speak to the Stars by Joanna Ho.

Author: Joanna Ho

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

Published: 2nd March 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 40

Price: $24.99

New York Times 
bestselling team Joanna Ho and Dung Ho present Eyes That Speak to the Stars, companion to the acclaimed Eyes That Kiss in the Corners.

“A brilliant treatise to love of self and heritage.” —School Library Journal (starred review)

“A beautifully validating book that builds on the necessary work of its predecessor.” —Kirkus

A young Asian boy notices that his eyes look different from his peers’ after seeing his friend’s drawing of them. After talking to his father, the boy realizes that his eyes rise to the skies and speak to the stars, shine like sunlit rays, and glimpse trails of light from those who came before—in fact, his eyes are like his father’s, his agong’s, and his little brother’s, and they are visionary.

Inspired by the men in his family, he recognizes his own power and strength from within. This extraordinary picture book redefines what it means to be truly you.

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners received three starred reviews and was embraced as “breathtaking,” “lyrical,” and “poignant.” This companion volume is sure to be welcomed with equal joy.

January/February 2021 Kids’ Indie Next List

An Amazon January Best Book of the Month


When his friends point out that his eyes are different at school, a young boy goes home upset, but his father is determined show him that he has stars and magic in his eyes. His eyes hold the sun, the world, and so much of his family’s heritage and history, and this is what makes him special. It makes him an individual. Through the story, the young boy learns that his uniqueness is what is important – that he doesn’t need to be or look like everyone else.

This delightful book is about embracing yourself and your heritage – and showing people that point out our differences might not understand us properly. It is a gorgeously written and illustrated story that evokes a sense of embracing who you are, and not letting negative comments of any kind affect who you are.

It is also about family, and how our family is special and each of us has a special and unique personality and history, and when these are combined, it shows us that what matters is how we see ourselves, and how we fit into the world. We are all special and unique, and this book teaches children and adults to look beyond the physical and embrace the person as a whole – to appreciate all differences and to acknowledge that we are all different, that we are all unique, and that it is the combination of our heritage, appearance, interests, and so many other things that make us who we are. When everything about us is embraced and considered, the whole person is seen as important and makes us irreplaceable to those who are our friends and family.

A touching story about being yourself and embracing your heritage and being who you are.

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