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Aussie Author Reading Challenge 2021

In 2021, one of my open challenges where I only have to aim to read a certain number of books, rather than check off categories, is the Aussie Author Reading Challenge run by Jo at Booklover Book Reviews. Why am I doing this one? Because it will fit nicely alongside AWW2021 and my other reading. I chose the Kangaroo level – I hope I can make it and should be able to.

It is one challenge that doesn’t need too much stress – if a book is by an Australian, then it fits, which appeals to me, because in 2021, I want more of my reading to focus on Australian authors. There are some great international authors that will work for other reading goals and purposes and they deserve attention too. But I feel we give those authors and celebrity authors more attention at times – unless an author does really well, finding people who have heard of some authors who are bestsellers and have written many books is hard. So I work hard to promote these authors that should be known, but aren’t.

Level: Kangaroo

12 – 4 male, 4 female, 4 new to you













I will keep you updated throughout the year – I may even finish this one before the middle of 2021!

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