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Books and Bites Bingo Has “the girl” in the title: The Girl She Was by Rebecca Freeborn            

books and bites game card

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something for this book bingo – I have been reading but many of the books I have been reading haven’t managed to fit into many of the squares at the moment, and finally, I found one. I thought I was going to have a few other options for this, but I think they’re coming later in the year, and I thought I had better update this challenge.

Some future books could possibly check off multiple categories and boxes in this challenge, and I may have to make a decision about how I will tackle books like that when I come to them.


For this post, I am marking off the square Has ‘the girl’ in the title. I chose new release, The Girl She Was by Rebecca Freeborn, published by Pantera Press on the 31st of March 2020. Books with ‘the girl’ in the title appear across genres, and styles, and there seems to have been a trend in these sorts of titles over the last few years. Though maybe we have passed the peak, as I feel like this is the first, I have seen in at least twelve months as a new release.

This was an interesting book – at first glance, perhaps not what I would usually pick up off the shelf, yet it has an intriguing plot that is relevant to the Me Too movement and imbalance of power and the way some people abuse their power and responsibility.

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