Meg Brown Series by Joshua L Cejka

Last year, I met a wonderful writer online through the NaNoWriMo Facebook page. Joshua L. Cejka. Together, we have thudded over elephants, and created a character for one of my novels that he inspired, and he introduced me to his series of short stories, The Meg Brown Mystery series. So far I have read the first four, with five waiting to be read, and I am anxiously awaiting book six. He has me hooked. I love an author that can do that, and he is on my list as authors that can hook me, along with Kate Forsyth, and her sister Belinda Murrell, Sulari Gentill (or S.D. Gentill for her YA Hero Trilogy), JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, and Duncan Lay. Most of those are Australian authors, and I recommend them highly, even Kate, Belinda and Sulari’s novels aimed at children or teens – because they are just so good, that you forget the age group they are aimed at. Back to my friend, Joshua, though, and his books, perhaps the only e-books I truly look forward too at this stage – though I do read and review e-books every so often. Beginning with The Short Man, The Meg Brown Mysteries are a little bit of serious and a little bit of fun, kind of like Castle. They follow Detective Meg Brown in Minneapolis through various crimes involving parking officers, murders with vegetables on board a plane, in the second book, gaining a confession and solving a twenty year old crime at her own high school reunion are just what you will discover in the first four books. Book five, according to cover, involves a candy cane as the murder weapon, and is set at Christmas. I am yet to read this, but hope to get it read before the next instalment comes out. Available from and for Australian fans, these quick reads are just the thing when you are after something short and quick to read when busy. I count Joshua as a good friend, and an inspiration, and am hoping to write individual reviews of each book soon. Watch this space for further Book Musings from the Book Muse.

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