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Spotlight Please, It’s Stevie Louise by Tanya Hennessy

Title: Spotlight Please, It’s Stevie Louise

A turquoise cover with an excited girl next to the words Spotlight Please, it's Stevie Louise.

Author: Tanya Hennessy

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 3rd May 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 176

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: A hilarious new adventure from bestselling children’s author Tanya Hennessy. Wherever Stevie goes, high drama is sure to follow…

Stevie Louise is an entrepreneur (that’s like a business person), an entertainer (obviously), and an extrovert on the inside (wait, is this a thing?).

Stevie and the Brooke Street crew are hard-up for cash. Going viral doesn’t last forever, you know, and killer costumes are expensive. To keep their showbiz dream alive, the kids are competing in a local talent quest. But the competition is stiff (I mean, have you ever heard four goats sing acapella?), and Alex has a unicorn horn glued to his forehead for at least the next three weeks.

It’s tough working under these conditions, but Stevie is up for any challenge to save Lunchbox Productions…

A gloriously warm, funny and relatable story from bestselling author, much-loved comedian, writer, radio announcer and social media sensation Tanya Hennessy.


Stevie Louise and Lunchbox Productions are back! This time, desperate to find money to continue putting on their shows, they decide to enter a local talent show. Even if Alex has a unicorn horn superglued to his forehead for nearly a month! But when they find out that they’re up against twerking nans, singing goats, and a super professional talent squad, Stevie, Alex, Trixie, Hannah, Macey, Luke, and Addison are worried that their idea for Hansel and Gretel won’t be good enough. But it’s the challenge that drives Stevie – and the chance to save Lunchbox Productions!

The second book in the Stevie Louise series is just as fun as the first book and follows on from the first one in a delightful and fun way. The diverse bunch of characters are awesome and bring so much life and interest to the story – and makes kids feel included and seen – based on interest, gender, family structure, and disability – I love that one of the main characters is a wheelchair user, and she’s such a fantastic character.

Stevie’s embarrassing mother is back, but despite how Stevie feels about her, she’s so supportive and willing to do what she can to help Stevie and her friends – even if it means stepping in for Alex when he’s grounded for breaking his father’s rules! Alex the drama extraordinaire is back – and ready to do what he can for Lunchbox Productions. I love the creativity in this series, and the way the kids work together to create their production and solve problems – even if one of them appears to be causing trouble most of the time for everyone!

I adore Stevie and her friends – for their zest, their diversity, and their relatability to readers. Each character has their own skill, interest, and abilities that give them something interesting and fun to bring to the story, and that also complement each other. It shows that kids are a determined bunch and will set their minds to anything. I loved the resilience of Stevie and her friends – and the way they refuse to give up, facing each challenge as it comes. It’s such a fun series, that many readers will enjoy it, and the humour used makes it just as fun and entertaining. Another great Stevie Louise book!

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