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Winner, Winner Bin Chicken Dinner by Kate and Jol Temple

Title: Winner, Winner Bin Chicken Dinner

Author: Kate and Jol Temple

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st May 2021

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Price: $32.99

Synopsis: Hilarious sequel to the popular picture book, BIN CHICKEN, by Kate and Jol Temple, award-winning authors of Room on Our Rock

  • A very fun rhyming adventure about the bird everyone loves to hate — the IBIS!
  • Ibis is looking for dinner but has no luck anywhere, until she spies the most wonderful food wonderland of all . . . the school playground!
  • Themes: birds and wildlife, school, food, humour “BUZZ OFF, Bin Chicken, you stinky sensation!

Find somewhere else for your dinner reservation!”

Ibis is on the lookout for food, but she’s not welcome anywhere! Until she spies the most amazing dinner of all … winner winner!


Kate and Jol Temple have brought the Bin Chicken back in this hilarious sequel, filled with fun rhymes and Australian birds who take on the qualities of their real-life counterparts. Poor ibis is hungry – but she can’t find dinner anywhere. So she tries every location she knows – but she’s constantly turned away. But what happens when she discovers the school playground – and how will the other birds react?

Stories like this bring humour, rhyming, and Australian wildlife into being in fun and delightful ways that evoke Australian humour and show the power of friendship and sharing. These topics are explored using humour and colourful images from Ronojoy Ghosh to tell Bin Chicken’s story, and quest to find the perfect lunch. But will Bin Chicken find her lunch?

Kate and Jol Temple’s books are always filled with fun and the ability to contribute to education – language, literacy, and picking up on themes of friendship and cooperation between those who we might not usually get along with.

Filled with lots of fun, this story will make you see the beloved bin chicken in a different light, and form a love of Australian bird life whilst learning about the rhythms of language and rhyme that brings the story to life, and captures the imagination of the reader. In true Kate and Jol Temple style, the humour flies off the page and will make readers laugh out loud as they explore the world of the bin chicken as the series grows.

These fantastic picture books that capture part of what makes Australia unique are perfect for all ages. Yes, even adults! I love how Australian some kids books are these days, it’s comforting and feels like home.

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