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The Nerd Herd #1 by Nathan Luff and Chris Kennett (Illustrator)

Title: The Nerd Herd #1

Author: Nathan Luff and Chris Kennett (Illustrator)

Genre: Humour

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: February 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 144

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Brand new series for readers 7+

  • ·  Hilarious story about 3 misfits on a farm who want to move up the pecking order
  • ·  Filled with lots of funny illustrations, comic panels and speech bubbles, making it an accessible read for all levels
  • ·  Filled with bright BLUE illustrations
  • ·  Can Barny and his pals save the chickens from a fox? And will this give them the cred they want at the petting zoo farm?
  • ·  Join Barny the Lamb, Shaama Llama Ding Dong, and Billy the Angora Goat as they try to … WOOL THE WORLD!

Individually they’re meek, mild and soft. But together, with their combined talents, they’re a herd.
The Nerd Herd.

Barny the Lamb and his friends are sick of being picked-on. So they decide to form a tough group to show everyone that they are not as soft as they look. But how do three fluffy friends stand up to a cunning fox, a gigantic cat and a bull with behavioural issues?

Find out in the first book in this hilarious new series!


Farn life is certainly interesting – and when you’re one of the biggest misfits at the farm like Barny and his friends are, things certainly are not always fun. Together, Barny, Shaama Llama Ding Dong and Bill the Angora Goat decide to form a group, and stand up to a fox, a cat, and a bull. When chooks start to go missing, suspicion rests on the fox that frequently creeps into the petting zoo. But the dog doesn’t seem to be scaring or chasing the fox away, and so, it is up to Barny, Shaama and Billy to find a way to stop the fox and protect Ethel and her friends. But can they do it, and more importantly, how are they going to outsmart a wily fox who thinks she can outsmart everything they do and everyone in the farmyard?

Cleverly told using a vibrant two tone colour palate of greyscale and blue, in prose, comic strips and speech bubbles, this engaging text for readers aged seven and older helps to build reading confidence, encourage a vibrant and extended vocabulary and is a great book to extend kids and help them reach the next level of independent reading, and can be read alone or with someone to help in their reading skills.

What this book brings to the literary world is a fun adventure and a good exploration of friendship and loyalty. This can encourage kids to find out more about those around them, and to also befriend those they might not think they’d become friends with. These powerful messages are put together in an engaging and enthralling way for readers of all ages, with layers that each individual reader will understand and appreciate as they read this book.

As a LiteracyPro Quiz Writer, when I get back into this job, I would love to write a quiz on this if I can, as I think it would be a fantastically fun quiz to write.

This is a really good start to a fun and inventive new series that celebrates misfits and friendship in endearing ways.

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