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Wild Australian Life by Leonard Cronin and Chris Nixon

Title: Wild Australian Life

A beige cover with lots of animals all over it behind the words Wild Australian Life by Leonard Cronin and Chris Nixon.

Author: Leonard Cronin and Chris Nixon

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 12th April 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 64

Price: $29.99

Synopsis: A stunning exploration of Australian animals from the creator of the bestselling Australian Animal Atlas.

From a leading expert and talented visual artist comes this celebration of the astounding diversity of Australia’s animal kingdom.

More than one million animal species make their homes in Australia – from the deepest oceans to the tops of mountains and the harshest deserts. But just how do they survive? Discover the remarkable stories behind some of the world’s most extraordinary animals in this must-have collection for every Australian family.


Wild Australian Life takes readers on an educational journey around Australia’s wildlife, from the seas to the forests and beyond, and all the dangerous animals that live on our continent. It’s filled with lots of fun facts and colourful illustrations that capture the diversity and intrigue that makes Australia’s wildlife unique.

This book is lavish and inviting, and even the animals I’m not overly fond of are presented in an intriguing way. The images draw your eye to the page and engage readers young and old. It is an immersive experience that keeps readers occupied. For me, it is the kind of book that could be used as part of science or biology, or zoology lessons at school, or in conjunction with a visit to the zoo or an animal park – so kids can explore the animals in the book and during their visit, giving new dimensions to how kids learn about and understand Australian wildlife.

This book is aimed at an older audience than many picture books I read and review and can be enjoyed by anyone six and older – it’s quite a detailed and in-depth book that requires focus and can also help bolster reading skills and confidence or be read alone by a confident and independent reader. It will certainly capture imaginations and had me intrigued by it as I read so I could review it.

This one is one that can be shared across generations and is one that will be loved by kids with these interests, because it allows them to combine reading and animals – and reading about something you love can help you learn to enjoy and love reading as a lifelong thing. Its fact-based narrative is educational and perfectly presented for readers who love non-fiction reads, and will possibly be one that is read over and over – it is informative and curious, showing all aspects of the animal world. I think lots of kids will love reading this book at home and at school.

With delightful facts and definitions throughout, this book is perfect for homes and school, to use in the curriculum and as a general interest book for readers young and old.

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