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The Worst Week Ever: Tuesday by Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores

Title: The Worst Week Ever: Tuesday

Author: Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores

Genre: Humour

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published: 1st April 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Price: $15.99

Synopsis: Have you ever had a bad week? Justin Chase sure has. And this is it! He barely made it through Monday, but now it’s … Tuesday! His cat is still missing, probably abducted by aliens. His dad is more embarrassing than ever. He has unexpectedly gone viral online in the worst possible way. And when school photo day collides with the Super Science Spectacular, it’s destined to blow up into a hair-raising, teeth-shattering disaster of epic proportions!

  •  Brand new series from Matt Cosgrove (creator of Macca the Alpaca) and Eva Amores.
  • Second book following on from the first side-splitting book, Monday.
  • Hilarious story about a kid having his worst week ever.
  • Full of comical illustrations by Matt Cosgrove.
  • For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Enjoy the laugh-out-loud, cringe-worthy situations Justin Chase finds himself in.
  • If you thought Monday was bad, wait for Tuesday!


Poor Justin has had his worst day ever on Monday – an unfortunate Code Brown incident at the pool has made him a viral sensation, courtesy of his mortal enemy, the school bully and son of the principal, Marvin (everyone else thinks he is perfect). And to top things off, his father is cashing in on Justin’s unfortunate fame, whilst his mother is off on her honeymoon with her new husband, who appears to be Dracula, and his darling cat is missing, possibly abducted by aliens. Can Tuesday get any worse?

Yes, it can.

First, the pressure of school picture day has Justin racing to ensure his appearance is immaculate – he is determined to take one perfect picture for his parents, and this is the year! Everything goes wrong, though. With the picture, with the Super Science Spectacular – and Justin has another awful day. Whilst everyone else finds it funny or makes fun of Justin (poor guy, he just wants a normal day, and a day where his father doesn’t cash in on his unfortunate viral incident for his business), Justin is left wishing everything was normal.

In true Matt Cosgrove style, this time accompanied by new-to-me Eva Amores, the story is filled with fun, humour, and a lot of relatabilities for kids. The story takes places after the pandemic, and references the time spent at home, showing kids that their experiences have been recognised. I felt this poignant bit of realism amidst the humour nailed how kids are feeling as they head back to the classrooms after lengthy lockdowns and restrictions. Matt and Eva use delightful humour in their storytelling and illustrations to show how Justin is feeling throughout the book.

I loved that the school was brought to life in interesting ways. It was chaotic, with a touch of realism about school picture day and bullying that kids will be able to connect with, and illustrates the sense of embarrassment kids can feel at school when things out of their control happen – like a video you never wanted out there going viral. Perhaps it is the humour used in this book that will help kids recognise the lessons related to bullying and online usage – it could sort of be seen as a what not to do in an accessible way, and in the language that younger readers are likely to understand – at least that is how I interpreted it and think it will be received. This is the second book in the series, and it doesn’t look like things are going to get better for Justin any time soon – especially if Marvin has anything to do with it!

Another great Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores book!!

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