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Little Matilda by Caz Goodwin

Title: Little Matilda

A kitten swinging on a branch against the blue sky. Little Matilda by Caz Goodwin.

Author: Caz Goodwin

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

Published: 2nd March 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Little Matilda is a curious but lonely kitten eager to make a friend. She approaches potential playmates, but none of them want to play with her. Will Matilda find a friend who is kind?

Join Matilda as she learns to believe in herself and holds onto her dream of finding a friend. This affirming and uplifting tale deals with the complex emotions of rejection and loneliness and provides opportunities to discuss resilience and overcoming everyday challenges in a fun and accessible way.


Little Matilda wants a friend to play with – but she when she tries to play with the nearby animals, they all send her away. Nobody, from the wombat to the emu, to the kangaroo will let her join in and teach her their games. Poor Matilda – she keeps trying and hopes that her persistence and kind nature will eventually help her find a friend, and maybe even bring everyone together.

Little Matilda is a delightful story about the search for friendship coupled with the reality and feelings of rejection that kids feel when someone says they don’t want to play with them or be their friends. Using a kitten and delightful case of Australian native animals, Little Matilda seeks to create a message of inclusion, resilience, and a sense of not giving up. Of finding new ways to try making friends, new games to play, and new ways of being part of a community. It lets children know that it is okay to keep trying, and okay to ask hard questions, whilst also doing your best to be yourself.

Books like this reassure kids that sometimes things just need time – that when something doesn’t work out immediately, it is okay to sleep on it and try again, even if it means trying a new way of doing things. It shows that kindness and thoughtfulness are important for kids, because it shows them that these are important things for society and gives children a gentle way to overcome challenges that they face every day.

The rhyming used by Caz gives the story a rhythm and sing-song tone that makes the language and story accessible for all ages and allows the story to flow gently around the reader. It will help children learn language with the gentle story and lesson of resilience – especially after the last couple of years during the pandemic. It is a great book to be used in an educational setting to teach literacy, reading skills, and teaching children that they can work things out, and their experiences, like Little Matilda’s, are normal, and can help us to explain that these sorts of things happen to everyone, and everyone feels rejection at some point.

I loved Little Matilda, and I can’t wait for younger readers to discover her and go on a special journey of friendship with her and her new friends.

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