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Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure by Suzy Zail and Christopher Nielsen

Title: Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure

A blue cover with a girl dressed as a fairy on top of a book. Arabella's Alphabet Adventure.

Author: Suzy Zail and Christopher Nielsen

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Walker Books

Published: 2nd March 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Price: $25.99

Synopsis: A timeless story about an alphabet, a daring adventure and a book who learns she is perfect, just the way she is.

“I’m an ABC book and that’s all I’ll ever be,” Arabella complained to her capital C. Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure is the most beautiful and most borrowed book in the library – but only ever by children. Tired of having her pages torn by sticky fingers, Arabella slips into the Very Serious Book section of the library and takes an adventure within the pages of an African travel guide. But will Arabella realise that where she belongs is closer than she thinks?

  • Set in a library, this book (about a book) is all about the power of words and finding out where you belong.
  • Award-winning illustrator Christopher Nielsen’s vibrant art brings this creative story to life.
  • First picture book from acclaimed author Suzy Zail.


Arabella is an ABC book, but she’s tired of being chewed, of being touched by sticky fingers, and having her pages torn in the children’s library. So one day she skips over into the serious book section, and toddles into a book about an African safari, and heads off on grand adventures with her letters. But Arabella is missing something. What is it?

Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure is a fun story – a book about a book, celebrating reading, words and letters in a colourful and engaging way for younger readers, and the people who are reading to them. It examines the way we read and enjoy books, and what it means to be a reader, and to be a book like Arabella. Books are meant to be read and celebrated, and Suzy Zail has captured this beautifully, allowing readers of all ages to dream about what books and words mean to them.

It is also beautifully illustrated by Christopher Nielsen, and the images are as magical as the words. They work well together to celebrate the magic of letters, words, books, and libraries, allowing us as readers to imagine what books feel when we read them and connect with them, and the power that books have in our lives. I love that it also celebrates the magic of libraries and what they mean for society and people.

Books like this are a highlight as a reviewer, as they remind us that books are their own kind of magic and art, and as readers, there will always be those books that hold a special place in our hearts. They can come to us at all times in our lives, and show us new ways of thinking or connecting with people. I hope this book becomes as beloved as some of the ones we already have in our lives, and allow us to explore a love of books. I loved this book and can’t wait to share it with kids that I know.

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