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Blog Tour: The Glint of Gold by Kate McGann

Title: The Glint of Gold

A blonde haired child smiles at a leaf of gold under a tree. The Glint of Gold is above her.

Author: Kate McGann

Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: Little Pink Dog Books

Published: 1st September 2021

Format: Hardcover


Price: $24.99

Synopsis: It’s there every day if you look for it. The glint of gold. It’s in the white blossom of our plum tree against a blue sky. Or the sparkles Jack Frost leaves on the drive to school…..A heart-warming story to inspire awareness, gratitude, and positive thinking. 


The Glint of Gold is a gentle story about seeing the beauty, and the gold in everyday life. As the main character explores the world around her, daily activities, and her family from the time she awakens to the time she goes to be, she looks for the glint of gold in everything and everyone – and finds the ones that cannot always be seen, but are nonetheless there, ever present in our lives, and reminding us that there is gold and joy in our lives every day.

Kate McGann’s story about finding the joy in life, and in the people and things around us is a gentle and joyful story that reminds us that the simple things sometimes have the most magic and are often the things that can make us smile the most. It’s the kind of book one might read when feeling down or to remind younger children that there are things in life that are still magical even when things seem hard or sad.

In these tough, unpredictable times of COVID, where we are in and out of lockdowns, and trying to navigate changing restrictions and rules all the time – and will possibly be facing this for a while yet, books like this can offer a safe space for all readers, and a reminder that while we might feel bad now, we can always reach out to those around us, and that one day, things will  be okay. It is about the daily joys in times when things feel like they’re never feel bright again. These books can give us hope and let us know that the world is still a magical place, even if we’re currently living in a small section of it or are restricted in our movements.

The Glint of Gold is exquisitely illustrated and brings the words to life in a magical way, showing us the daily gold, we have in our lives, and has a reassuring rhythm in the prose – not rhyme, like many picture books. Yet there is a delightful poetry in this story and shows us that we don’t always need to look too far to find the magic and gold in our lives.

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