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Rainshaker Blog tour: Rainshaker by Elizabeth Mary Cummings, illustrated by Cheri Hughes

Title: Rainshaker

Author: Elizabeth Mary Cummings, illustrated by Cheri Hughes

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Published: 12th October 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

Price: $12.50

Synopsis: When Erin finds a snow shaker her imagination is ignited and she embarks on a magical journey of possibility of what if? In a world of droughts and floods where water won’t behave, Erin’s imagination shakes things up and leads her to help
make a better world.

 ‘This review is a part of the ‘Rain Shaker’ by Elizabeth Mary Cummings and Cheri Hughes book campaign with Books On Tour PR & Marketing. A copy of the book was supplied by Big Sky Publishing.’ 


Living on a farm is hard, especially in during a drought. Erin has planted sunflowers in jars, and is waiting, waiting for them to grow. Will they ever grow? When her uncle arrives for Christmas, Erin watches as her family prepares the house, and gets ready for the big day, Erin searches for a way to make it rain. She finds a snow shaker and imagines that shaking will make it snow. As she drifts off to sleep, her imagination flourishes as it creates a better world.

Elizabeth Mary Cummings has created a beautiful story about hope in times of hardship, and the power of imagination that drives us. The lovely words are married with Cheri Hughes delightful illustrations that evoke the Australian outback during drought, set against the backdrop of an Australian Christmas.

In yet another book that has a flavour of an Australian Christmas, but focuses on drought and imagination, this beautifully pulled together book shows that imagination is one of our most powerful tools we can use in tough times. Like drought. Like a pandemic.

This is a beautifully put together book for all ages, from early readers to confident readers, and is one that can be shared and enjoyed by all ages, for many years. It is truly magical and powerful in many ways for younger readers. It can give hope in a time when it feels like we may not have much, with colours that leap off the page and bring the words to life spectacularly.

I loved this book, and hope others will too.

11 thoughts on “Rainshaker Blog tour: Rainshaker by Elizabeth Mary Cummings, illustrated by Cheri Hughes”

      1. I wonder if kids in countries like Ireland would understand our Christmas and out climate? Or if it’s only really suitable for kids here?


        1. Good question – I suppose it’s more suited to kids here, but then I wonder if maybe kids in Ireland would find it interesting. Most of the Christmas stories we have are northern hemisphere based, and we seem to accept those here. Maybe showing them how Christmas is different in summer could be fun.

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          1. I was thinking of sending it to my friends kids for Christmas. I just wonder if they’ll understand it. I know what you mean about most Christmas books being northern hemisphere based and our kids understand, but sometimes I wonder if people really understand the struggles of our country.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. It could be a good conversation starter, and widen their worldview. I get what you’re saying though. Will they truly appreciate and understand what its like living in a country so ravaged by drought, it can affect everyone.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Do you know if the book depository is the only site with free postage to other countries. It’s not available on Amazon UK.


                  1. I’ll check again in a couple of weeks on Amazon UK. I don’t think I can send stuff to the UK from Amazon au. They all make it so difficult lol.

                    Liked by 1 person

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