Threads and Words

NB: I was hoping for this to be longer and more eloquent but sadly it is not…I will try again.

The threads of each story I write weave together to create worlds beyond my imagination populated by pirates and fairy tale characters, humans and beasts, sometimes half-human, half-animal creatures that like bacon and licking themselves – if you are a NaNo Participant following me, you will get that reference. But sometimes, the threads go off on tangents I don’t expect, and that’s when pirates who had an affair with a wench and then threw her overboard, and then twenty years later, discovers she turned into a mermaid and has a daughter who is also a mermaid, and he is the father, happen. Confused? So am I, and it’s my story. But what does this have to do with threads and words? Well…the thread within the words is a story about the pirate and his family and a legend that is proven to be true. All words have threads and all threads have words. Writers weave the threads of letters into words, the threads of a word into a sentence and the threads of the sentences into paragraphs, chapters and novels. Bear with me; this is a practice run for an assignment, or at least part of an assignment, I hope.

IMG_0066 My first cross stitch project, an owl. This started my love of owls.

By weaving my threads of words into a story, I am creating not only a new world, but an image, one that I craft just as carefully as I might with needle and thread, whether it is cross stitch or a quilt or a cushion, each tells a story. My writing tells a story.


With this in mind, story tellers weave stories, so then do crafters and quilters and sewers tell their own stories through what they create with their hands? I think so, and with any luck, this will be much more eloquent, and minus the pirates with an eye patch, in my assignment.

IMG_1500Plot bunny!

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