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Let’s Count – One to Ten and Back Again: 10 Naughty Numbats by Grace Nolan and Nancy Bevington

Title: Let’s Count – One to Ten and Back Again: 10 Naughty Numbats

Author: Grace Nolan and Nancy Bevington

Genre: Education

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Published: February 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Fun and learning go together in this beautifully presented counting series One to Ten and Back Again. Packed with imaginative rhyming text and expressive illustrations full of life and humour to captivate the youngest of readers. Children will learn to count while learning the names of 30 different Australian animals! Books two and three provide a simple introduction to addition and subtraction from birth to age seven. The simple reinforcement activities included at the end of each book add to the fun!

Book 1 – Ten Naughty Numbats: Counting to ten is exciting and fun with ten naughty numbats and their Aussie friends. The entertaining rhyming text and delightful illustrations introduce readers to the amazing world of number.

Book 2 – Ten Bush Babies due for release April 2021. 

Book 3 – Ten Lively Lorikeets due for release April 2021


Often, learning to count – at least in the past – has never gone beyond basic numerals. Yet, there is something to be said about making learning fun. It can bolster a student or child’s engagement, and give them a lifelong passion for learning. And we all have to start somewhere, so why not with something like counting to ten?

Grace Nolan’s latest book, 10 Naughty Numbats, teaches children aged 0 to 7 the joys of counting to ten using Australian animals, with lyrical rhymes that sound like a song as you read them. Starting with a platypus, and working up to ten naughty numbats, the first Let’s Count book is a fun way to teach children about numbers and Australian wildlife at the same time.

Grace’s words are accompanied by the delightfully entrancing and brightly coloured illustrations by Nancy Bevington, that will capture the imagination of young readers and show them how vibrant and beautiful our wildlife is. Each animal has a creative twist – something additional that gives them a touch of personality as they bring numbers and the Australian bush to life.

It combines fun and learning, which is the best way to teach kids – or anyone – anything. Kids will love to learn with this book and will enjoy sharing this knowledge with younger siblings. It is the kind of book that will ensure repeated readings, and continued completion of the activities at the end of the book.

A cute, and educational read that many children will get something exceptional out of. It is adorable as well, and brings numbers to life in a new way for kids. It would be fun to see something like this done for words and letters as well to help promote both literacy and numeracy for younger readers.

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