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Tashi and the Stolen Forest by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg and Kim Gamble (illustrator)

Title: Tashi and the Stolen Forest

Author: Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg and Kim Gamble (illustrator)

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Published: 3rd November 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96

Price: $2.99

Synopsis: In this Australia Reads exclusive story, can Tashi use Much-to-Learn’s spell to outsmart the Wicked Baron and stop the old forest from disappearing?


‘Why, that interfering little worm, someone ought to step on him!’ the Baron hissed to Tiki Pu. I guessed he was talking about me. ‘Well, never mind if he blabs about the wood,’ he added, cheering up. ‘I’ll just lie, and say I had nothing to do with it. You, however, must pay Much-to-Learn a visit. Steal his secret spell.

Jack loved it when Tashi told his stories. Today Tashi was telling about the time the old forest disappeared, and Much-to-Learn was in danger of disappearing with it! And then the whole village was threatened … Could magic sand and a certain spell help save them all? Only someone as clever as Tashi could find a way to outwit the Baron – and solve the mystery of the disappearing trees. An Australia Reads exclusive story.

First published in 1995 and has now achieved classic status with sales of over one million copies.

‘All children should meet Tashi. He can be their mentor on the road to reading, feeding their imaginations with fantastic stories. The Tashi stories have the evergreen qualities of classics.’ Magpies

‘The Tashi stories are some of my all-time favourites: a world within a world and a magical place for children to lose themselves in.’ Sally Rippin, bestselling author of Polly and Buster and Billie B. Brown


The Tashi stories have charmed readers for twenty-five years, and continue to do so. This year, Tashi has had two special editions this year – a 25th anniversary edition, which came out during lockdown, and this special Australia Reads book, available for $2.99 at bookstores during the Australia Reads campaign in November. Tashi is telling Jack and his family about the time the forest disappeared, and his quest to find it and put it back where it belongs.  

This short, sweet and engaging adventure is an exclusive book for the Australia Reads campaign and will only be available at bookstores whilst stocks last between the first and twelfth of November. It has the charm of the other Tashi stories, accompanied by lovely black and white illustrations by the late Kim Gamble.

This quick read for five to eight-year-old readers is a great addition to the best-selling series and can also be a nice entry into Tashi and Jack’s world, or as a delightful addition to the series already available. It is a lovely story that can be savoured, or read in one sitting, and has the same magic as the original Tashi story, the first ones that came out in 1995. It is a fun story about Tashi’s adventures, and this new one is fun, and fabulous.

It is a lovely nostalgic read for older readers as well and will be fun to share with a new generation of Tashi fans. It will bring the real world and the fantasy world to life. In a year when things have been tough for everyone, its books like this that will give hope and enjoyment, and that will continue to be loved for generations to come. I will be reading more of Tashi very soon.

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