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Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire by Cristy Burne and Denis Knight

Title: Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire

A brown boy with a sword, a tiny robot, a girl with a blue hair streak, and an old man in roves with a staff run away from lava. Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire by Denis Knight and Cristy Burne,

Author: Cristy Burne and Denis Knight

Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism

Publisher: Lothian/Hachette

Published: 27th July 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 290

Price: $16.99

Synopsis: Gorgomoth the Unclean is back and he’s up to no good, of course. Can Wednesday and the gang beat Gorgomoth to the long-lost Stone of Power, or will the world be plunged into Never-Ending Darkness?

Just when it seems like Wednesday and Alfie might finally be free to get on with their lives without Gorgomoth ruining everything, the Unclean one rears his ugly head again.

This time Gorgomoth is on the trail of the long-lost Stone of Power, which he will be able to use to rule the nine realms and bring about the Third Age of Never-Ending Darkness.

Now Wednesday and the gang must beat Gorgomoth to the stone and pass three trials to see who is worthy of its ancient power. If they don’t win, it might just be the end of the world.

The final instalment in the mind-bogglingly fun series that asks the question: in a world of magic, can science save the day?


Wednesday, Alfie, Bruce, Grandpa, and Alfie’s robot, Alfie Jr, are back, and ready to have another battle with Gorgomoth. Sort of. As Alfie and Wednesday try to balance school with their sorcerer apprentice training, the ever-smelly and gross Gorgomoth is determined to do whatever he can to stop them and destroy the world.  But not if Wednesday, Alfie, and Grandpa have anything to say about it. But this time, their class is also in danger and must come along for the ride – literally. Including the awful Colin Murphy! This is the final Wednesday Weeks book – can Wednesday defeat Gorgomoth once and for all, and find a way to combine science and magic in her life?

The final book in this series is filled with  just as much fun as the first two, and combines everything Wednesday and Alfie have done in their battle against Gorgomoth, which is loads of fun to see. I was very pleased to see the character growth, and loved that Wednesday and Alfie were still the same people they were, with their love of science and facts, but had found a way to combine that with magic and learning about magic with Wednesday’s grandfather. It was a joy to read, and when everyone was in peril, it really drove the story forwards, so the action was well-paced as the class grew bushy eyebrows, became extremely polite, and rode a pizza-train into the bowels of a volcano to find what they needed to defeat Gorgomoth.

Poor Wednesday can’t catch a break. All she wants to do is make it through the school day without her eyebrows burning off and get through the rest of year six with Alfie. She’s awkward – and I love it. I love that characters and stories like Wednesday’s are coming out. It allows the kids who aren’t popular or sporty or the norm to see themselves in a book, and shows that anything can be cool and interesting – you don’t have to like one thing, pretend to like something, like something because everyone else does, and you can also just be yourself. It’s a great message for kids and adults to get – to remind us that we don’t need to always fit in, sometimes we can stand out, or be ourselves. And Wednesday does it whilst trying to save the world!

My favourite disembodied, sentient skull, Bruce, was back as well, and this just added to the fun, as Bruce is what truly makes the novel unique – he is probably my favourite character in this trilogy. His presence lightens the mood yet at the same time acts as a reminder that the end is coming – or is it? Well, if you love Wednesday Weeks, you won’t know unless you read this epic conclusion to a fantastic series that makes science and the imagination accessible, and relatable. I think it is a great series for both science lovers and those who may not enjoy it as much – it can help them understand the concepts and might even spark an interest in the topic. I loved the way the real world like pizzas and soap came into the novel in clever ways that I hadn’t expected, and the spell that Wednesday could never get the hang of but always manage to summon a huge glob of custard was entertaining.

And who could go past the Realm of Unfriendly Cats with Tybalt, whom I think was really quite friendly in the end. He was so much fun, and I adored him. I loved the traditions of greeting the cats and being polite to them, and Tybalt – what a cat! I loved that he spoke like he was in a Shakespearean play, like his namesake, albeit with a much better ending than the original Tybalt. Cat-Tybalt was so fantastic and I wanted to meet him for real – I think he would be a grand friend and ally to have. He might be a touch aloof, but he knows how to be loyal and I found that he came to be a true friend and ally – a perfect character, one might say. And in the end, I think he was quite friendly, he just wanted us to think otherwise.

I loved this book, and hope that it finds readers and that fans of the series enjoy how it all ends.

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    And it TOTALLY makes my day to see reviews like this one:


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