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Fish Kid and the Turtle Torpedo by Kylie Howarth

Title: Fish Kid and the Turtle Torpedo

Author: Kylie Howarth

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Walker Books

Published: 3rd March 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Two troubled turtles and one sinking friendship. Can Fish Kid save them all or will it end in turtle disaster?

Fish Kid’s third epic ocean adventure is set on a small island in the Maldives, the perfect place for Fish Kid to supercharge his fish powers. His friendship with bestie, Emely, soon hits a snag during a tricky sea turtle rescue. Secretly wishing for powers of her own, Emely’s strange behaviour leaves Fish Kid wondering if their friendship and the super-sick turtle will survive. And if things weren’t bad enough, another turtle from the sanctuary goes missing. Can this super hero-in-the-making use his fishy powers to save the day?

  • A perfect blend of fact and fiction by an author/illustrator who experiences her sea creatures first hand.
  • Excellent for independent readers who value a multitude of illustrations to enhance the storytelling.
  • Follow-up title to Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja and Fish Kid and the Mega Manta Ray in which the author chooses a new ocean hero to star alongside Fish Kid.


The third Fish Kid story sees Bodhi and Emely exploring the Maldives whilst Bodhi’s parents research sea life. Whilst out swimming, Bodhi, whose special fish powers allow him to interact with all kinds of fish and sea creatures in the same way they interact with each other, find a sick sea turtle, and take it to a sea animal sanctuary. But whilst Bodhi strives to help Scute recover, Emely keeps disappearing. What is she up to? And will Scute survive?

This is the first Fish Kid book I have read – and found that as a first-time reader, I did not need to have read the first two, and quickly picked up the gist and themes of the series. Though it would be fun to go back and read the other two, especially as Kylie was one of my Isolation Publicity interviewees last year, and one of the authors I didn’t get around to reading during that time.

Fish Kid is a fun character, and an intriguing idea. Bodhi loves to swim, and it seems like he is always off on some great adventure around the world in the seas and oceans, playing with and saving all the creatures that live beneath the surface. In this story, turtles are the main focus, and I loved that this was my starting point to the series! Turtles are beautiful, and this story celebrated their beauty but also, shared how vulnerable they are and didn’t shy away from the fact that bad things can and do happen, highlighting small things people can do to help prevent turtles getting sick or injured in the wild.

This series promotes sea life conservation, and by extension, environmental concerns of all kinds. Kylie’s stories are accessible and fun for all ages and are educational as they also have fun fish fact file sheets sprinkled throughout the books about the various sea creatures Bodhi, Emely and the other characters encounter in each book. This fun series is filled with friendship and magic, and a great way to introduce kids to marine studies and a vibrant world beyond the one they live in.

It is a fantastic addition to the series and seeks to help kids build on their knowledge and teach them about saving the environment and what happens when sea turtles, for example, swallow rubbish floating in the ocean. Series like this are fun and informative, keeping children informed and excited about the world around them using relatable themes and characters. Kylie’s stories are coupled with her lovely illustrations that bring the characters to life and showcases two remarkable and delightful talents in this charming and fun series.

I look forward to book four, and hopefully getting to read books one and two as well.

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