Harry Potter

At the age of fifteen, I picked up Harry Potter for the first time. It quickly swept me up into its magical world and I have never left. In quick succession I obtained the first four books and devoured them all countless times whilst waiting for books five, six and seven with every other Potterhead, and saw each film.

I now have quite the Harry Potter collection including the books. It opened a new world to me, one that without my best friend from England I might not have picked up when I did. I identified with Hermione and still do, and identify myself as a Ravenclaw student. It is a way I connect to the series, and it is a great comfort to me, and to many others.

It has opened up a whole generation to reading, something I like because to read is to live and explore the world around us. I admire JK Rowling for getting children to read in the way she did through Harry, he is a good friend to many. Reading to me is a crucial skill to have, whether you enjoy it or not, and books like. Harry Potter can help bring the joy to reading.

As an aspiring author, I look to JK Rowling and how long it took her to get her story out there. I admire her ambition to keep going when knocked back, and I hope I will have this courage too, courage I have learnt from Harry and his friends.

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