I’m Ashleigh, a book reviewer, student, aspiring author and hopeful editor living in Terrigal, NSW. I read most books, usually in paperback but will take on ebooks too, though they may take longer to read. The genres I do not review usually are romance, erotica and horror. I am open to both fiction and non-fiction, children’s, YA and adult books. With a series, I prefer to start at the beginning and read from there to be able to review each subsequent book in relation to the previous ones.

Review policy:

At the moment, I am receiving books from publishers to review at least monthly. Sometimes this means three, four or even more reviews due on the same day or within a few days of each other – as such, these reviews will take priority as I have dates for them, and contacts.

I typically don’t review erotica or horror, but will give romance a chance because not all are going to be the same. I attempt to write honest, yet balanced reviews – some might lean more towards loving it or loathing it. I reserve that for books that either capture me completely or that I don’t enjoy at all. I try not to be too critical, and give the books I am sent a decent shot.

If a book does not have a specific date a review is needed, it will move down the list when there are specific dates involved. This is simply so I can stay on top of everything and get to things at a fair pace.

Ebooks: If necessary, I will read these. Please keep in mind this might take longer than a paperback  as reading on a screen requires more breaks for me, to save my eyes and head to engage properly with the story – simply a way to ensure I am able to write the best review I can, rather than a judgement on format.


The Book Muse



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