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That Cat by Jacqueline Harvey

Title: That Cat

A blue cover with a ginger cat and grey mouse under the words That Cat. By Jacqueline Harvey and Kate Isobel Scott

Author: Jacqueline Harvey and Kate Isobel Scott

Genre: Humour/Poetry

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 1st March 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 24

Price: $19.99

Synopsis: An utterly delightful rhyming book, purrfect for the whole family.

Nothing is quite like a cat.

There are brat cats and fat cats, rat cats and mat cats . . . but if there’s one cat everyone knows, it’s THAT CAT.


Come on a furtastic and purrfect rhyming journey with cats. Each page has a vibrant illustration of cats doing various activities, with two words that describe the cat, and each word rhymes, until we get to the final page which is simply ‘That Cat’ – inspired by Jacqueline’s cat, Ballypuss. The delightful, and funny illustrations are by a former student of Jacqueline’s, Kate Isobel Scott, and perfectly suit the rhyming story and phonics, capturing the type of cat on each page wonderfully, giving each cat its own life and personality as they dance off the pages to entertain readers of all ages.

This is Jacqueline’s first picture book, amongst her many novels for readers. It is a great debut picture book, because Jacqueline’s love of cats and words has come together for this story. I loved it as a cat lover and as a word lover, and think it will be well-received – there will be many people of all ages who will love this book. It is funny, and even though I read it in one sitting, it is one I will be revisiting, especially with my niece so she can learn about rhyming and phonics one day.

It is such a joyful book, as many picture books are, and even though it is simple, I think everyone who reads it will get something out of it, even if it just a few minutes of fun as you read it, like I did. And it is one that will be treasured, because I like that it marries a love of animals with words, and brings them to life delightfully and in a way that so many people can access and understand. I loved it and hope Jacqueline has many more picture books to come.

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