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Blog Tour: Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li

Title: Get Ready, Mama!

A young girl trying to get her mother out of bed. Get Ready, Mama! by Sharon Giltrow

Author: Sharon Giltrow and Arielle Li

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: EK Books

Published: 1st April 2022

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 32

Price: $24.99

Synopsis: Even the most reluctant risers will find the fun in the morning routine with this lively role-reversal story about a mama who just doesn’t want to get ready!

Getting Mama ready for the day can be a challenge… you’d better watch out that she doesn’t sneak back into bed, try to distract you with cuddles, get breakfast all over her top, or… wait, is Mama watching TV?! Learn how to get Mama up and ready despite her mischievous delaying tactics with this essential guide to dealing with morning mayhem!

With gorgeous illustrations and playful writing, Get Ready, Mama! is the perfect way to introduce some fun into the morning routine. Little ones will delight in the cheeky role-reversal that sees a young girl doing everything she can to get her reluctant mother out of the house, while parents and carers will gain a strategy for motivating reluctant risers.


Most parents face the dilemma of getting kids up for school in the morning – but what if a kid was ready to go, and trying to get mum up, but mum didn’t want to? Sharon Giltrow has created a fun role reversal story that sees a young girl urging mum to get ready, but mum does everything she can to delay getting dressed and having breakfast and heading out the door! This cheeky role reversal will entertain kids and adults alike, and hopefully make kids hurry up in the mornings!

This delightful story centres the child as the responsible one, and the adult as the one not wanting to leave as a clever educational and reverse psychology tool to get kids moving when they don’t want to. Sharon has presented it in a fun and exciting way, so it is both entertaining and instructional, whilst giving parents a way to tell their kids why they need to get ready when they’re told in a safe way. It uses a child’s level of understanding – the tactics that they use, or how they try and delay, to communicate that there is a time and place for those activities, and getting ready for the day and disrupting a morning routine is something to be adhered to.

Using a fun and vibrant way to explore the conflicts parents and kids face getting ready in the morning, Sharon has created an accessible story for all ages – and it will hopefully help show kids that getting ready isn’t a bad thing – it’s a good thing and you can still have fun with it, and reminds them to stay on task and not get distracted in a safe and enjoyable way that doesn’t involve yelling.

This book will also be good in educational settings, where teachers can read it to young students and they can take the lessons home with them. The beauty of this book is that young kids will be learning a lesson without realising it because it presents the lesson in a fun, and safe way, without didacticism and is engaging for readers of all ages. It is a fun story, and one that will be great for many ages to share and enjoy.

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