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March 2022 Reading Round-up

In March I read twenty-one books. Most of them were Australian books, and mostly Australian women. Some are not out yet (at date of posting this), and three were quiz books, so I haven’t reviewed those. I have almost finished my Dymocks and QBD reading challenges. Even though I am well past my level for the Australian Author Reading Challenge, I still need to write that wrap up post – things have just been busy with reading and work, so hopefully I can put that together soon, and add the link to my others.

In general, this year I’ve mostly been reading books by women between reviewing, work, and my own reading, and have been delving into lots of picture books as well lately. I’m hoping to continue reading at least twenty books a month throughout the year, and can also say that as I write this, I am up to date as much as I can be with my review books and my goal is to keep on top of them as much as possible throughout the rest of the year.

Aussie Author Reading Challenge: 55/24

Dymocks Reading Challenge: 24/26

QBD Reading Challenge: 21/24

Goal: 76/150

Australian Women: 46

Australian Men: 9

Australian: 55

Non-Australian: 21

Men: 17

Women: 59

  1. The Girls Who Changed the World: Ming and Flo Fight for the Future by Jackie French
  2. Whisper on the Wind by Claire Saxby and Jess Racklyeft
  3. Interned by Pamela Rushby
  4. Wildflower by Monique Mulligan
  5. Pearly and Pig and The Great Hairy Beast by Sue Whiting
  6. Talking History: 150 Years of Speakers and Speeches by Joan Haig and Joan Lennon, Illustrated by Andre Ducci
  7. Her Fierce Creatures by Maria Lewis
  8. Rainbow the Koala by Remy Lai
  9. Star the Elephant by Remy Lai
  10. Mary Ann and Captain Piper: The True Story of the Convicts’ Daughter who became the Toast of Colonial Sydney by Jessica North
  11. The Bravest Word by Kate Foster
  12. The Fallback by D.L. Hicks
  13. Friday Barnes: Undercover by R.A. Spratt
  14. Get Ready, Mama by Sharon Giltrow
  15. Mikki and Me and the Out of Tune Tree by Marion Roberts
  16. The Boy Who Hatched Monsters by T.C. Shelley
  17. Seven Wherewithal Way by Samantha-Ellen Bound`
  18. The Scarlet Cross by Lyn McFarlane
  19. The Pug Diaries: Scaredy-Pug by Kyla May (quiz book)
  20. Pig the Rebel by Aaron Blabey (quiz book)
  21. Ollie and Bea: Wise Quackers by Renee Treml (quiz book)

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