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Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Join Forces by Tim Harris and James Hart

Title: Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables Join Forces

A purple cover with four kids and their teacher, Mr Bambuckle. Mt Bambuckle's Remarkables Join Forces by Tim Harris.

Author: Tim Harris and James Hart

Genre: Humour

Publisher: Puffin

Published: 1st March 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240

Price: $14.99

Synopsis: Everyone’s favourite teacher, Mr Bambuckle, is back with more hilarious stories, shenanigans, and silliness at Blue Valley School!

Principal Sternblast is up to his old tricks.
But what is he plotting this time?
We need to find out before it’s too late.
Can the new students help?
Was that a croak I heard from behind the canteen?
Yes, but what does that have to do with anything…?

Mr Bambuckle and the class in room 12B welcome four new students following the closure of the local grammar school. Will they all join forces in time to save Blue Valley School?


Mr Bambuckle and his Remarkables are back – and this time, they’re joined by students from a school that has closed recently. But even as these students join, Principal Sternblast is up to something, trying to push Mr Bambuckle and his students out – but how? And will he succeed this time? Well, you’ll just have to read on to find out! As Chip Radar, Veer Patel, Fern Shepherd, and Twirl Thompson join class 12B, they soon learn that Principal Sternblast has plans to change the school and split the friends up. With only a few weeks to go until the end of term and the upcoming changes, the class only has a short amount of time to come up with a way to save their school. Can they do it?

The fifth Mr Bambuckle book is the first I’ve read, and it is loads of fun, as I imagine the first four are. I love that Mr Bambuckle uses humour and fun to teach his class and makes learning fun – the complete antithesis of what Principal Sternblast desires. Each character is fantastic, and given important roles – yet the book has a focus on the four new characters so we can get to know them as well as the others, and how they will fit into Class 12B. I love that the characters are accepting of each other for who they are, what they can do, and what they are good at – to the point that they can’t imagine the class being separated.

It’s one that current fans of the series will love, and as someone who had never read it before, I feel like Tim gave us enough to work with for new readers to come to this book and then read the others as they find them. However, as with all series, I do like to read them in order, as I feel that this gives a better all-round reading experience. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and found that I read it in one sitting as I didn’t want to put it down and leave the characters hanging.

Tim’s novels have humour and heart – and as always, make sure that the kids are entertained and feel like they can triumph – it gives people who might normally feel they don’t have a voice the confidence to speak up, and ensures that everyone is heard and valued. The way everyone seems to be interconnected in some way in the books is magical and wondrous, dropping hints at Mr Bambuckle’s past and what he is truly capable of. Mr Bambuckle is the ideal teacher who is fun, imparts knowledge and believes in each student as an individual, and for who they are. He is encouraging – and it feels like we all need this at times – we all need a Mr Bambuckle.

It’s a series that sits very nicely alongside Tim’s other works, and at one point, I did wonder if this world existed in the same world as another series, as there was a little Easter Egg somewhere towards the middle when Chip Radar shows off his hacking skills. Of course, everything that happens is wildly unbelievable but in the world of children, entirely possible because kids have huge imaginations. The impossible becomes possible in these books. So kids, go forth and imagine as many impossible possibilities as you like: Mr Bambuckle believes in you!  

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