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Book Bingo Wrap Up Post


Book bingo 2020

This year, I participated in Book Bingo again with Theresa Smith Writes, and Mrs B’s Book Reviews. This year, we took a different approach – twelve squares, one a month, on the second Saturday of each month. The categories were also fairly open – giving us scope to interpret them as we saw fit and finding books that we had to fit these categories. I managed to knock out several categories early in the year, which helped, as I didn’t know what I’d get later in the year that might work.

In some categories I did have books pop up later, but I was able to use them for other challenges and knew that this one was sorted for the most part. This was one of my less challenging, less prescriptive challenges. A couple of them had very specific categories that were not as easy to fill, unlike this one.

I’m not sure if we are doing this again next year – but Theresa and I are thinking of taking a break from some challenges at least, if not all except the Australian Women Writer’s challenge. I will at least be trying to steer clear of more prescriptive challenges, as I find these too stressful trying to find a book that will fit, especially for best seller or reader’s choice awards lists which in the cases of the challenges, tend to be very American-centric and half the books in contention I’ve often never heard of.

I’ve linked each post below. What a reading year it has been!

Book Bingo – BINGO  

Themes of culture – The Republic of Birds by Jessica Miller

Themes of inequality – The Nine Hundred: The Extraordinary Young Women of the First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz by Heather Dune McAdam

Themes of Crime and Justice – A Testament of Character (Rowland Sinclair #10) by Sulari Gentill

Themes of politics and power – The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte

About the environment – The Giant and the Sea by Trent Jamieson and Rovina Cai

Prize winning book – Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales – Walkley Book Award

Friendship, family and love – Pippa’s Island: Puppy Pandemonium by Belinda Murrell

Coming of age – Ella at Eden: New Girl by Laura Sieveking

Set in a Time of War: The Paris Secret by Natasha Lester                             

Set in a place you dream of visiting – The Good Turn by Dervla McTiernan (Ireland)

Set in an era you’d love to travel back in time to – Dragonfly Song by Wendy Orr (Minoan Times)

A classic you’ve never read before – Emma by Jane Austen



And with that, one of my 2020 challenges has wrapped for the year!

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