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October Wrap Up 2020

As we head into the pointy end of the year, I’ve had to make the decision to change the way I tackle challenges, doubling up where I can, and even thinking about reducing the challenges I take on next year, due to the overly prescriptive nature of the reading challenges that are available, and at times, their American-centric focus and inclusion of categories that at times, do not have easily available options in Australia. There’s only so many ways I can twist a category!

With that in mind:

The Modern Mrs Darcy 11/12

AWW2020 – 120/25

Book Bingo – 12/12

The Nerd Daily Challenge 49/52

Dymocks Reading Challenge 25/25

Books and Bites Bingo 21/25

STFU Reading Challenge: 10/12

General Goal –203 /165

I have a few that I’ve chosen, and a book bingo post to write. I’d like to complete as many of these as I can and I know there are some books that will work for several challenges and categories, which helps in completing them. Others, I have the books and need to read them. I read 27 books in October, 15 by Australian women, and many were for younger readers, an area I’m getting into lately because its often these books that are pivotal in our reading journeys. I’ve also been reviewing for Scholastic, so when I get back into quiz writing, it will be interesting to see if there will be any cross-over with the books I am sent to review, and the books I am asked to write a quiz for. Watch this space for more…

October -28

The Boy, the Wolf and the StarsShivaun PlozzaReading Challenge, AWW2020
 Aster’s Good, Right Things  Kate GordonReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Ultimate Animal Alphabet Book  Jennifer CossinsReading Challenge, AWW2020
Death Sets SailRobin StevensReading Challenge
I Stole My Genius Sister’s BrainJo SimmonsReading Challenge
Christmas TalesWilliam McInnesReading Challenge
Transit of AngelsDesney KingReading Challenge, AWW2020
Disgusting McGrossface on Holiday  Rove McManusReading Challenge
GlassheartKatharine OrtonReading Challenge
The Incredible Runaway Snot  Josh PykeReading Challenge
Tashi and the Stolen Forest  Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg and Kim GambleReading Challenge, AWW2020
We Are WolvesKatrina NannestadReading Challenge, AWW2020
Fire Wombat  Jackie French and Danny SnellReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Tree  Graeme BaseReading Challenge,
Pierre’s Not There  Ursula DubosarskyReading Challenge, AWW2020
Jumbo: The Most Famous Elephant Who Ever LivedAlexandra StewartReading Challenge,
The Grinny, Granny Donkey  Craig Smith and Katz CowleyReading Challenge
We’re All in This Together  Skye Hughes and Alice CoatesReading Challenge, AWW2020
We Are All KindP. Crumble and Jonathon BentleyReading Challenge
Macca and Al, Super PalsMatt CosgroveReading Challenge
Pandemic  Jackie French and Bruce WhateleyReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Champagne War  Fiona McIntoshReading Challenge, AWW2020, The Nerd Daily
Fossil Frenzy  Sandra BennettReading Challenge, AWW2020
Death in Daylesford (Phryne Fisher #21)  Kerry GreenwoodReading Challenge, AWW2020
Little Lion: A Long Way Home   Saroo Brierly, illustrated by Bruce WhateleyReading Challenge
Kensy and Max: Spy Games  Jacqueline HarveyReading Challenge, AWW2020
The Werewolves Who Weren’t  T.C. ShelleyReading Challenge, AWW2020
Whitney and Britney, Chicken DetectivesLucinda GiffordReading Challenge, AWW2020

With that, I am onto November and more reading!

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