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We Are All Kind by P. Crumble, and Jonathon Bentley

Title: We Are All Kind

Author: P. Crumble, and Jonathon Bentley

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Published:  1st November 2020

Format: Hardback

Pages: 24

Price: $19.99

Synopsis: A follow up title to the best-selling We Are All Equal.

 Stunning illustrations by award-winning illustrator Jonathan Bentley

Explores many simple, easy and rewarding ways of showing kindness, with gentle joyful text and images.

No matter who you are, this book celebrates that we can all extend a hand, make amends, share a laugh, solve a problem, heal a hurt, and love one another. There are so many ways to care and to show that . . . we are all KIND.


In this time of a pandemic, lockdowns and various kinds of restrictions across the world and across Australia, we all need books that remind us about the power of kindness. P. Crumble has created this lovely book, with animals helping each other to teach children about kindness and friendship, and what it means for people to help each other with whatever we can, and however we can.

Extending the hand of help is a powerful theme in today’s world – and whilst these days it has to be done in very different ways – often virtually and remotely from home, as some volunteers at various organisations have been doing during the past seven months.

Again, the story is told using rhymes and the repetition in each two-page spread of ‘We are kind,’ reinforcing the idea of kindness and friendship to younger readers. Each verse explores different ideas of kindness, and things we can do to be kinder to people in a lyrical and musical way that will engage children, whether they are being read to, or reading this book themselves.

Accompanied by exquisite illustrations of animals from around the world by Jonathon Bentley, shown helping each other regardless of species and coming together to create a community, this book has come out at a very important time. We need to know we’re not alone all the time, but especially in times of isolation and restrictions. Many of us are only leaving our houses when we need to these days – for work, for exercise, for appointments, for shopping. Books have become a solace for many, and it is books like this that whilst aimed at younger readers, can be read by anyone and used in a variety of educational ways, to help teach children about friendship, or how they can help people.

These powerful stories are getting people through tough times and they will continue to get people through tough times.

Another wonderful picture book for 2020.

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