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The Fairly Stillwater Chronicles Two Blog Tour Day 8

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher

The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles, Volume Two

Stillwart the Pixie is back with her rag-tag group of magical friends! Determined to complete her mission to the Northern Lands, with the hope of saving her people from extinction, she ventures from Nova Scotia to Ireland.

The journey is long and arduous, fraught with danger at every turn, but Stillwart and friends band together, knowing their precious cargo is needed. With only their wits, a cell phone, and the human they’ve come to rely on, the group presses forward, facing each obstacle with spritely courage. To make matters works, the call of the Thorn Tree is strong, making the expedition all the more urgent.

The Fairly Stillwart Chronicles are a series of six short stories detailing the life and adventures of Stillwart the Pixie and her adopted fairy family. The stories capture the Southern Land Fairy folklore by bringing to life their world, hierarchy, and the challenges they face to keep their race and magic alive.


Scott Butcher’s world of fairy folk and pixies that have crossed oceans between Australia, Canada and Ireland present the reader with a wondrous journey that began in Volume One. Now Ireland, Stillwart the Pixie and her friends, now joined by two human companions, Lucy and Phoebe. I was again swept into the world of the fairy battle across the seas from where the story started in Australia. We enter the battle to save the fairy race and magic with the Northern Fairies and Muckrake the Elder, the pixie scribe. As well as an enthralling plot, there is an intriguing interrelationship between the fairies of the North, and those of the South, willing to come to each other’s aid at a moment’s notice. Heading to where the battle to save their race is taking place, Stillwart and her friends are soon pulled into a war that one of them may go missing in, and where secrets could be revealed.

I liked Butcher’s fast pace, it kept me reading and was a nice length when you want a quick yet fabulously written read. I loved that the author took us from Australia to Canada and then to Ireland and the United Kingdom, it gave the fairy story a love sense of time and place, and it excited me to imagine that there are fairies somewhere in Australia. Living in Australia, I wondered if the fairies here would differ between bush, coastal and desert races.

I found the way the fairies spoke of the nations, such as that Canada place, that Australia place and about the human as wonderful examples of how they see the world differently to a human character. Their understanding of the world changes when they meet the humans, yet they still maintain their ways as well, nobody changes to suit the other party, yet they were still able to communicate and help each other.

Towards the end, a few revelations stopped my heart for a while, and I found myself desperate to find out what happens to a beloved character, and why. The short chapters kept up the pace well too, ensuring that the attention of the reader would be on the book and the story, though at times I found them too short because I didn’t want to book to end so soon. Overall, this is turning out to be a fantastic series, and I look forward to reading future books that reveal what happens to the characters.

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